Our Story

About Duka

Duka Online Store is the online platform fully owned and operated by Duka Fishnet LLP, a legally registered Limited Liability Partnership between Rev. Michael Masambu, a Kenyan pastor and life coach that brings you the PDA(Purpose, destiny, achievement) Conference and Dr. Chuck Lakin, a Canadian psychiatrist and university lecturer.

Our founders have a vision of transforming society by influencing what we refer to as the seven mountains of cultural transformation.

These seven mountains of transformation are a reference to seven circles of influence that affect and have the potential to transform lives. They are Family, Religion, Education, Government, Media, Entertainment & The Arts, and Business & commerce.

These areas are relevant to each of us, they are also interlinked. Changing one has an effect on the others.

How is Duka relevant?

Duka is how our founders are influencing the Business & Commerce circle. By doing business here, we are turning a profit that we are using to support our influence in the other circles.

For Agents

If you own a shop selling products/services, or have a dream of owning one, get in touch with us and we will discuss how joining our network of agents can put money in your hands, lower your business costs and provide you with access to a rich network of other agents across the country.

In the education space, we are working with our agents to offer them training in the areas they deem most useful to their growth and offering exceptional support in their existing businesses through our partnership with Team Bidii.

Interested? Get in touch!

For Customers

We aspire to deliver our best to you. Our products are what you tell us they should be, and we price them in a fair way. We can rest easy knowing we are not ripping you off. You are enabling our mission when you buy from us, and we are eternally grateful for that.

We are leveraging new technology and old school human connections to redefine the online shopping experience in Kenya and wow you with something cool that also makes a difference. Happy shopping!